The Matthew Crack Story

Attested Development

The journey began in 2012 as a freelance web developer making websites for friends who were actors, musicians and dancers. As I expanded my client base and elevated my skillset, I was offered a full time role on the marketing team of an international company as the Front End Web Developer.

Picking up new skills and tricks with SEO, Google Analytics, and responsive web design,  I quickly realized there was much more to building websites.

Designing without Borders

While freelancing my web services, clients regularly asked me if I could produce some of their creative design projects too.

It quickly became clear I not only had an eye for design, but a passion for it. I began taking on more design-oriented projects which led me to part time and full time contracts as UX Designer and Lead Designer.

It’s Not Market Science

Through focusing on User Experience in my designs, I became interested in the strategy on how to use the websites and creative assets I create most effectively for each business through Digital Marketing solutions.

Email marketing campaigns, Adwords campaigns, search engine marketing and social media have evolved to become vital digital touch points for a business – services I offer and excel in.

A Brand New World

Embracing the “Swiss army knife” mentality while ensuring quality of work has allowed me to grasp a complete view of how each individual touch digital point works together to enhance a business’ online presence.


Have I piqued your interest?