Case Study — Politicheck

*For Bitmaker course*
Page last updated: Aug 17, 2019

The Objective

To increase political engagement past election season.

Make politics more accessible to the public via a mobile app.

The Problem(s)

  • People generally feel disconnected from and have a distaste for politics and politicians
  • Era of misinformation and opinion based news sources
  • Algorithims of social media feeds creating more polarized views
  • People generally retroactively informed regarding new laws

My Role / Processes Used

  • Conduct User Interviews (all via phone calls) to help define and validate the theorized problems. Created survey questions and analyzed results.
  • Competitor Research to see if there were resources to learn from and/or cooperate with.
  • Determine and create the Branding — Tone of Voice, Microcopy, Logo Design, Brand Colours, Typography and more.
  • Create a site-map and wireframes to establish a strong, connected and meaningful digital infrastructure.
  • Create and design user flows to ensure and enable the users to use the app intuitively and effectively.
  • Create and design on-boarding experience to be easy to digest (and skippable) to help users best utilize the application.
  • Create prototypes for usability testing.

Discovery Phases

How I went about solving the problem

  • Through the User Interviews, it was clear the problem that was originally set out to be solved had evolved and narrowed in scope.
  • User Interviews generated a lot of opinions and desire for an ‘impartial’ news source that can be trusted for the facts.
  • People care about issues that are political in nature (usually 1-2) but are ‘self-identitied’ as frustratingly uninformed regarding them


  • Making the content easy to digest. Due to the nature of the industry, there is a lot of ‘dry’ content that is hard to digest — especially for the average person. Simplifying it was vital to making this app usable for people, but also one of the larger challenges.
  • Finding the balance between simplification for the average person / user, but also having more information and features to the users that self-identify as ‘politically aware’.
  • Determining the type of content that should be present in the application. It was decided opinions were best to be left off this application.

The Final Outcome based on my roles

  • A working Prototype (to be turned into a working application) with a strong User-Interface, User Experience and Brand Identity.
  • An on-boarding experience tailored to help users get the most out of the application and simultaneously learn how to navigate the application.
  • Sought out feedback from the original interviewees to see if they would use the app now that there was a working prototype. (6 out of 7 said they would, 1 unanswered)
  • Presented a ‘pitch’ to fellow Bitmaker students and mentors which was well received and generated a lot of positive feedback and discussion.